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Truck punctures gas tank on Hanover Street Bridge, spills oil on streets in Baltimore

A box truck punctured its gas tank while driving over the Hanover Street Bridge, spilling diesel oil on several streets in South Baltimore Monday, officials said.

The truck, which was carrying a shipping container, was headed north on Hanover Street when it struck a grate on the 100-year-old bridge, which sliced into its gas tank behind the front right tire.

The driver continued for a few miles, leaving a "thin trail" of diesel oil on several streets, said Jay Apperson, spokesman for the Maryland Department of the Environment. It was unclear exactly how much oil spilled, or what company owns the truck.

The affected roads included Hanover, McComas, Potee and Cromwell streets. The driver crossed the bridge again and stopped at Hanover Street and Frankfurst Avenue in the Fairfield area to have the rest of the gas tank drained and the truck towed.

The Baltimore Fire Department responded before 1 p.m. and collected five gallons of oil spilling from the gas tank while awaiting the state environment department, which drained the other 40 gallons of fuel from the tank, according to Fire Chief Roman Clark, a spokesman.

Two lanes on McComas Street were closed Monday afternoon due to the spill. The Baltimore Department of Public Works was sending trucks to pour sand on the streets to provide traction on slick spots, Clark said.


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