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Maryland delegates and Baltimore NAACP voice support for Marilyn Mosby

The Baltimore Sun
State delegates, Baltimore NAACP rebuke criticisms and stand behind Marilyn Mosby

State and city leaders voiced support for State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby on Thursday as she faced a stream of criticism in the days after Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. was acquitted of all charges related to the arrest and death of Freddie Gray.

Since the verdict was issued by Baltimore judge Barry G. Williams last week, Mosby has faced criticism from several angles: an activist law professor called for her disbarment, a state delegate started a petition for Mosby's resignation and the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police tweeted an image of Mosby with the text, "The Wolf That Lurks."

On Tuesday, state delegates and the Baltimore City chapter of the NAACP defended the attorney.

Curt Anderson, chairman of Baltimore's House delegation, called Mosby "a spokesperson for justice."

"I don't think justice would have been served had the officer not at least been indicted," Anderson said. "They are having their day in court, they won. That's still justice."

State Del. Cheryl Glenn sharply criticized Del. Pat McDonough and FOP President Gene Ryan, saying their actions were "flaming the fires of hatred."

"He doesn't live in Baltimore," Glenn said of McDonough. "He doesn't represent Baltimore, and that is very inappropriate for him to make these comments about our elected state's attorney.

If he doesn't like Baltimore, then don't come to Baltimore."

NAACP Baltimore branch President Tessa Hill-Aston classified the FOP's tweets as "social bullying." She said the organization does not plan to pursue any legal action in the case, since the posts were removed.

Perry Hopkins, an organizer with the advocacy group Maryland Communities United, also backed the embattled state official and wants to see the rest of the officers have their day in court.

"Marilyn Mosby has done her job," Hopkins said. "She's called for accountability and exposure of the tactics practiced on the streets of Baltimore against its citizens."

Hill-Aston said all of them "stand in unity" and that the people voted Mosby into office, and if she is to go, it should be by the citizens' will during election time.

"Out of 33,000 people who voted for Marilyn we just want them to know that you don't turn on anybody because of some bumps in the road," Hill-Aston said. "We are here to continue the process and we want to see this thing through."

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