Baltimore fire crews battle roof deck blaze at Patterson Park rowhouse Tuesday

Crews responded to a fire on the roof deck of a rowhouse in Patterson Park on Tuesday, a Baltimore Fire Department spokeswoman said.

The fire had started around 2:30 p.m., on the deck of 8 S. Potomac St., spokeswoman Blair Skinner said. It spread to the houses on either side — but not to the house Chip Turner, 42, shares with his family.

Turner had watched the fire rage, and smoke billow, with sparks from a nearby electric pole. His wife called 911. Fearing the flames would spread before the fire department arrived, Turned hosed his own deck down with water.

Firefighters had the blaze under control in about a half an hour, the water from their hoses mingling with the charred wreckage of the rowhomes, forming a black sludge that trickled into the alley.

Turner opened a cooler to offer bottles of water to the firefighters who walked through his alley. It was a small way of showing thanks, he said. It was sweltering outside — 93 degrees, according to his phone — and “they probably saved our houses.”

A man who said he lived in the house where the fire had started was too rattled to comment.

No injuries were reported and all animals were accounted for, neighbors said. That was good news to Jadz Ploskon, 65, who saw the smoke from her own home less than a block away. “We’re all dog lovers,” she said.

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