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Baltimore Police rescue a dog on I-83

Baltimore police rescued a puppy from I-83 Wednesday night.

A dog rescued by Baltimore police from the Jones Falls Expressway early Thursday has been reclaimed by its owner.

Officers from the city's Central District briefly shut down I-83 to rescue the dog after a 911 caller reported it had been left on the highway.

"We're trying to figure out why somebody would do that," said Lisa Morabito, director of operations at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, where police took the dog.

Goldie, a 14-year-old Shepherd mix, was picked up Thursday afternoon. Morabito said the owner previously filed a report that the dog had gone missing.

Morabito said the dog was checked out by a vet and was not injured.

Police spokesman Det. Ruganzu Howard said one of the responding officers was a dog lover with four rescue dogs at home. The department posted on its Twitter account a picture of the scared dog standing along a Jersey wall.

"They got to it pretty easily. The dog was pretty compliant and just glad it was being taken off the open freeway," Howard said.

Howard said did not have any tags. The dog was reunited with her owner through her microchip.

Police had believed to be a puppy but Morabito said the dog is actually 14.

Morabito said the owner said the dog got out through a back fence that wasn't shut tight. "She was crying and very emotional and very happy her dog was found," she said.

Howard said the incident is under investigation but no suspect information was available.

"Fortunately," he said, "it had a good ending."

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