Elementary student threatens schoolmate with bb gun on bus

An elementary school student threatened a schoolmate with a bb gun during a morning school bus ride Wednesday in Northwest Baltimore, according to a city schools spokeswoman.

Both students were boys, on a bus bound for Arlington Elementary School, said Edie House Foster, the spokeswoman.

The threat was reported to school officials, and an investigation was launched by school police.

House Foster said she did not know who reported the threat, nor did she know whether school police were able to find the weapon involved.

"School police are still looking into the matter," she said. The parents of both students were notified.

In a statement, House Foster said the "appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with City Schools Student Code of Conduct."

According to the code, a student who brings a bb gun to school or into a school-related environment can be permanently expelled if the incident is deemed "serious."

School officials also referred the incident to the Department of Juvenile Services, she said.



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