Who is James MacArthur, the blogger at the center of the standoff?

Blogger Frank James MacArthur, who was taken into police custody Saturday night after broadcasting an hours-long standoff with officers, has been writing about crime and politics in Baltimore for years.

He has been a regular fixture at crime scenes around the city, posting Twitter updates using the name Baltimore Spectator. He had recently started hosting an online radio talk show, which he used to live-stream his confrontation with police Saturday night.

The live broadcast of his standoff had been listened to over 42,000 times and by Sunday morning MacArthur had amassed a following of more than 4,600 people on Twitter.

MacArthur, who is 47, claimed in the past week to have gone into hiding, saying on the social network that he was being threatened by "rogue elements" in the Baltimore police department. He had posted a stream of taunting messages to the police.

The first post on the Baltimore Spectator blog tells the story of MacArthur's being arrested, apparently for filming at a city impound lot. The post says that police declined to comment on the case because it was an ongoing investigation.

"I'm sure the investigation involves more police resources that could be better spent," it added.


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