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Taneytown, Thames, Towson and other Maryland places y'all say wrong

If “put the water in the sink” is to Baltimore as “Park the car in Harvard Yard” is to Boston, then Worcester, Mass. must equate to — well, um — Worcester County, Maryland?

So our chaps to the north might have the more recognizable accents, but we’ve got our equal share of butchered words here in Maryland.

Can Tom Brady pronounce Taneytown? Has Dustin Pedroia ever correctly taken an Uber to Thames Street? Think those smartypants at Harvard ever draw out the school’s name and pretend they attend Harford Community College?

(OK, so that was me quickly pronouncing “Harford” when asked where I went to school during my first two years of college. Guilty.)

I’ve always been a little interested in how we pronounce things here in Maryland — and not just so I can irk my wife with my intentional use of “Bawlmerese” now and then. I grew up in Havre de Grace; pronouncing things the right way — and correctly capitalizing words — is kind of second nature there.

So I ran down a list of a couple places in Maryland that are often butchered — either by out-of-towners or through our own accents here in Bawlmer. Click through the gallery below to see all of them.

There were a few that stood out.

Auchentoroly Terrace


Riviera Beach

Taliaferro Hall


Thames Street


So that takes us to the state itself. Maryland. Seems simple, right?

Well, let's turn to the resident Englishman to give us the proper rundown on how to pronounce the state's name. Take it away, James Corden!

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