Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D-5th District)

Total value assets: $18,005-$96,000 Earned income: Maryland State Retirement Agency, $20,481. Honoraria: None. Major assets: Congressional Federal Credit Union, $15,001-$50,000; Citibank NA Bank Deposit Program, $1,001-$15,000; Telkonet, $1,001-$15,000; Western Asset Government Money Market Fund, $1,001-$15,000. Major sources of unearned income: Berkshire Income Reality, $2,501-$5,000; Legg Mason Value Trust Fund, $1,001-$2,500. Major liabilities: None. Gifts: None. Hoyer reports selling between $166,004 and $415,000 in assets in 2010 and transferring the proceeds to his Thrift Savings Plan, a federal defined contribution plan. The Southern Maryland lawmaker, the second-highest ranking Democrat in the House, reports serving on the board of St. Mary's College.
Handout, Getty Images
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