Annapolis Independence Day parade - and fireworks - go on without a weather hitch

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Thousands of people lined the streets of downtown Annapolis Friday for the city’s annual Fourth of July parade. The parade started with the city’s official town crier Fred Taylor ringing his bell and proclaiming that he had brought good news from Philadelphia.

“The resolution of independence has been adopted,” he cried. “God bless America.”

City officials had been watching as Hurricane Arthur approached the East Coast. But by the time the parade started around 6:30 p.m. there was hardly a cloud in the sky — only a cool breeze in the air.

“Everyone was extremely happy,” Mayor Mike Pantelides said. “It’s one of the most participated events of the year. It’s a blessing for the city.”

More than 30 floats were in this year’s parade, said Felicia Karavellas, the city’s special projects coordinator.

Last year’s parade was marred by tragedy after 7-year-old Kyle Aldridge, of Baltimore, fell from the back of a trailer and died. The city has since adopted additional safety protocols for its parades, said Kevin Simmons, the city’s direction of emergency management.

There were no incidents at this year’s celebration, city police spokeswoman Amy Miguez said.

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