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Woman charged with animal cruelty after leaving dog in hot car

A New York woman faces animal cruelty charges after she allegedly left a 15-year-old Yorkshire Terrier in a car in an Annapolis parking lot for two hours Tuesday, police said.

Monifa Ayadelle Pendelton, 44, ran into a Petco in the 2300 block of Forest Drive with her dog, Chloe, around 2:30 p.m., asking for help after realizing what she had done, police said. Police and Anne Arundel County Animal Control were called, and an animal hospital veterinarian later diagnosed the dog with extreme heat stroke and recommended it be put down, police said.

Pendelton told officers she had returned to her car to find the dog lethargic, and it was apparent the animal was in "significant distress," police said. Animal Control workers took the dog to Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic, where a veterinarian determined its internal organs were shutting down and recommended euthanization. The dog was put down, and its body was given to Animal Control for a necropsy, police said.

The air temperature in Annapolis on Tuesday afternoon was 88.8 degrees, police said.

Pendelton faces four misdemeanor penalties that each carry up to 90 days' imprisonment and/or a $1,000 fine, if she is convicted.

Police are reminding the public that the summer months can be dangerous for vulnerable people and pets and asking anyone who sees an animal, child or vulnerable adult in a closed vehicle on a hot day to call 911.



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