Meeting set for Tuesday to discuss Arnold sewage overflow

Anne Arundel County public works officials will hold a meeting Tuesday to discuss the recent 312,000-gallon sewage spill into Arnold’s Mill Creek. The meeting is planned for 6 p.m. at Anne Arundel Community College in Room 101 of the Florestano Building.

On May 27, the Mill Creek Pumping Station lost power to its main electrical lines and its backup generator during a storm, causing untreated wastewater to overflow into the creek. Due to high bacteria counts in the water, Mill Creek and nearby Dividing Creek were closed to direct water contact such as swimming from May 27 through June 4.

At Tuesday’s meeting, public works officials plan to offer details of the spill and describe an ongoing $9 million construction project at the pumping station. Officials from BGE will provide information about the pumping station’s power sources.

The Mill Creek Pumping Station, just off College Parkway, was the site of one of the worst sewage spills on record in the county in 2005. A pipe leading to the pumping station collapsed and 3 million gallons of sewage and a large amount of sediment spilled into Mill Creek.

Mill Creek has been closely studied since then, and the county later dredged the creek to remove the built-up sediment.

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