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Customs agents seize unreported $33,000 from man at BWI

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents on Monday seized almost $33,000 from a man at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport who reported bringing only $9,000 into the country on his flight from London.

Customs officers found $14,930 in cash and three endorsed checks totaling $18,059 — a total of $32,989 — in the man's luggage, authorities said. There is no limit to how much money someone can bring into the country, but federal law requires travelers to declare amounts exceeding $10,000 or equivalent in foreign currency.

The man, who was not criminally charged, was given $930 of the money for humanitarian relief and told how he may petition for the return of the rest, according to a Customs news release.

In a statement, Dianna Bowman, acting Customs and Border Patrol port director for the port of Baltimore warned travelers that those who don't comply with federal law run the risk of having their money seized.

"The traveler was given multiple opportunities to truthfully declare his currency," she wrote. "The easiest way to hold on to your money is to report it."

The release said Customs routinely inspects international flights and intercepts unreported money as well as narcotics, weapons, prohibited agriculture products and other illicit items.

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