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Arundel council supports reviving police cadet program

Anne Arundel County's councilmen are unanimous in their support for reviving the county's police cadet program.

They voted 7-0 on Monday to support a resolution urging the police to reinstate the program, which was discontinued about a decade ago during budget cuts.

The cadet program would hire young people as part-time employees to assist with some police duties while learning about law enforcement. They would not have the power to make arrests or issue tickets, but they could help at public events and staffing police stations.

Council Chairman John Grasso, a Glen Burnie Republican, said he sponsored the resolution because it can help the police expand their visible presence while allowing them to evaluate potential future police officers who may sign up as cadets.

If the cadet program is revived in the current fiscal year, which runs through June 30, it would cost $48,500 to hire 10 cadets according to the police department and the county's auditor.

The police can use use uniforms they already have on hand, but Chief Kevin Davis said his department can't absorb the salary costs.

The chief did not testify at Monday's county council meeting, but he previously told The Baltimore Sun that he supports reinstating the cadet program.

The annual cost of a cadet program would be $194,000, assuming 10 cadets would be paid $12 per hour for 1,500 hours. They would not receive benefits.

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