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Baltimore man gets life term for raping, robbing woman

A Baltimore man with a history of psychiatric problems rambled for nearly an hour Wednesday about himself before an Anne Arundel County judge told him he was self-absorbed and sentenced him to life in prison for raping and robbing a 62-year-old woman as she was about to close the laundromat where she worked.

"I just want an opportunity to get back out there ... and make contributions to the world. I can help the world," Christopher Parr, 31, told Judge William C. Mulford II, as he reminisced about trips to the beach, talked about wanting to build a recording studio a few years ago and asked about the judge's personal life.

But Parr said nothing about the July 19, 2006, attack on the woman at the Village Laundromat in Brooklyn Park.

"I think that you showed no remorse. ... I think you are entirely self-centered," Mulford told Parr.

Mulford said he thought Parr, who has a criminal record, was manipulative, antisocial and though understood that what he did was wrong, showed no interest in changing.

The judge refused a request by defense attorney Roland Walker for a recommendation that Parr be evaluated for mental health services at Patuxent Institution. Parr, who in 2007 was considered not competent to stand trial, made no such request in his ramblings.

Parr burst into the laundromat as the victim was closing it, sexually assaulted her, tried to strangle her, stole her car and went home, where he tried to strangle his mother, Deputy State's Attorney Laura S. Kiessling said as she asked Mulford for a minimum sentence of life in prison.

"The defendant has altered my life," the victim said.

In the aftermath of the evening attack, she stopped going anywhere after sunset and lost her job and apartment. She lives mostly on Social Security.Physically, she said has largely recovered from the physical trauma, in which her jaw was dislocated from Parr repeatedly smacking it on the concrete floor. But she endured a year of HIV testing and health worries; Parr refused to be tested.

Parr was hospitalized twice in the year before the rape for mental problems, said his mother, Rose Daley, a Baltimore schools counselor. She said he had reported hallucinations and hearing voices.

"Today you have ruined two women's lives," Mulford said. "Your mother's and (the victim's)."

The two women spoke after the court hearing.

Defense lawyer Roland Walker said he respected Mulford's decision and thought the sentence would have been different had Parr shown remorse and asked for help as he had advised him.

Mulford rolled a 15-year prison term for the robbery into the life sentence. He also dismissed charges that Parr assaulted two county jail guards in 2007. They occurred during a time when psychiatrists said Parr was unfit to stand trial.

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