Stanley Tookie Williams on Death Row

  • Every Execution Detail Prescribed

    Inmate movements, visitor rules, the mix of chemicals, the number of syringes: Nothing is left to chance. Wheels have started turning.

  • He's a murderer. He should die.

    There are heartfelt moral and religious reasons to oppose capital punishment, but holding up Stanley Tookie Williams as a symbol of redemption is absurd and obscene. It is especially offensive to his victims' families, whose names the celebrities championing his cause probably don't know. News...

  • Governor, let Tookie live

    In deciding whether Stanley Tookie Williams should die Dec. 13 for murdering four people, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's unenviable task is to play God. The question he must answer is whether Williams' reformation during the last 16 years is sufficient to let him live out his life in prison. The...

  • 'Thug Life' Must Be Stopped

    AS A CAREER educator in urban schools, including 10 years as principal of Washington Preparatory High School, which is in the community where the Crips street gang originated, I have experienced the horrific effect of gang culture and violence in our schools and neighborhoods. I attended more than...

  • A Stupid Waste

    It's foolish to execute a man who represents a real opportunity to break the cycle of gang violence.

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