2013 state salaries: UMCP coaches trade places on top compensation list

Today, the Sun newsroom is rolling out the most recent update to a data set we have been posting for years: Maryland public worker compensations.

Readers can use the interface here to learn about the state payroll. Use a popular-search link at the top or explore on your own. Clicking an underlined column heading will sort by that column, and clicking a row of results will provide details.

Detailed analysis from Sun reporters is coming in the days ahead, but to start, here are a few pull-outs we found interesting:

-- The largest three compensations are University of Maryland coaches, as in past years*. One change from last year: Men's basketball coach Mark Turgeon and football coach Randy Edsall, switched places at the top.

-- The biggest gap between adjacent compensations is a difference of more than $1 million between Edsall and the lower compensation of women's basketball coach Brenda Frese.

-- The smallest top-level organization by number of employees in 2013 was the Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority in Cumberland, which has three employees listed.

Additional analysis will be arriving over the course of the next week. Until then, we would love to hear what else you find in the data.


*The total compensations for coaches aren't always completely taxpayer-funded. Per a 2008 WSJ article (courtesy of Sun sports editor Ron Fritz), a lot of money in college sports can come from things like external endorsement deals.

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