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Change in police records makes 2017 Baltimore's deadliest year since 1993

Baltimore police have removed two killings from their list of homicides from 2015. The change means that 2017 is now the city’s deadliest year since 1993, and its second deadliest ever.

The city finished 2015 — the year of Freddie Gray and the riots — with 344


homicides. But police have since concluded that the killings of Troy Pinkney and Monard Holeman Jr. that year were justified, Det. Jeremy Silbert said. That drops the 2015 homicide count to 342.

The 2017 count stood at 343 on Friday. The city suffered 353 homicides in 1993.


Pinkney was shot in the abdomen in the 4600 block of Edmondson Avenue on Jan. 11, 2015, police said. He was 31.

Holeman was shot in the groin outside his grandmother's home in the 4000 block of Pinkney Road in Northwest Baltimore on Oct. 27, 2015, police said. The recent Woodlawn High School graduate was 21.

Police reclassified their killings in 2016, Silbert said. The Baltimore Sun learned of the change this week.

By another measure, 2017 has been deadlier than 1993. The homicide rate this year is 55.8 per 100,000 people. In 1993, when the city had 10 more homicides but 100,000 more residents, the rate was 48.8 per 100,000 people.

The 1,003 homicides of the past three years represent a spike. The total for the previous three years was 663; for the three years before that, it was 660.