Baltimore officials have agreed to pay a man $65,000 after police searched him and found nothing illegal.

The unanimous vote of the city's Board of Estimates this week settles a false arrest lawsuit brought by Ryan Brown, whom police stopped and searched on May 18 last year in the 2300 block of Bryant Avenue in West Baltimore.


According to a statement of facts released by the city, Brown was walking and listening to music when two officers who were assigned to the area near Pennsylvania Avenue as part of an initiative focusing on drugs and weapons pulled up beside him.

They asked him questions, but Brown ignored police and continued walking.

The officers stopped their car and searched him, suspecting he was in possession of drugs. Brown said he did not consent to the search. No weapons, drugs or other contraband was recovered from the search.

Baltimore officials are expected to approve a posthumous $50,000 settlement with a man whose assault by police at a North Avenue bus stop was caught on video.

The officers then put Brown in handcuffs and took him to the Western District Police Station. There, they stripped him and searched him again, finding nothing, according to Brown.

The officers deny that they conducted the strip search but acknowledge that no contraband was found, according to the city. Brown was then released from custody and filed suit over his treatment.

City lawyers said they decided to settle the suit "because of concerns over the lawfulness of the searches, conflicting factual issues, and … the uncertainties and unpredictability of jury verdicts."