The Baltimore County Walmart that was the site of a bleach fight last fall, clearing the store for several hours and sending 19 to the hospital, likely won't see one of the women allegedly involved for awhile.

She was ordered by a judge Wednesday to stay away for five years.


The Lansdowne location has been one of the busiest Walmart stores in the county for 911 responders.

According to documents released by police to colleague Luke Broadwater, officers have been called to the Lansdowne Walmart about 1,600 times in the past four years.

From the time the big-box store opened in Nov. 2007 until the day after the Oct. 8, 2011 assault, police have been called to the store more than once a day, on average.

Most of the calls — more than 1,000 — have been for reports of theft.

There have also been 60 calls for domestic disputes and more than 50 cases of assault. Five calls were to report fires. Three were for bomb threats. There were also two reported armed robberies and a report of prostitution.

Those numbers are significantly higher than other Greater Baltimore Walmarts over the same time period. The Dundalk store had fewer than 1,200 calls for police, Catonsville had fewer than 1,000 and Reisterstown had fewer than 500.

Though Broadwater received the call statistics for the Lansdowne Walmart within days of the October assault, police said it would take about a month to return 911 statistics for a dozen other Walmarts and Target stores around Baltimore.

In order to speed up the data turn-around time, Broadwater limited his request to just the three other stores mentioned above. Even so, police did not return the data until after the start of the New Year.

Walmart's corporate office did not respond to inquiries Wednesday about the large number of 911 service requests to the Lansdowne store.

Read more of The Sun's coverage of the Walmart assault, and listen to a recording of the 911 call in the case that Broadwater also collected from police:


Below, you can check out the documents that Broadwater received from police. The first list is calls for service to the Lansdowne location and, below that, to the three other sites.