Maryland man catches record 17-pound snakehead

Marylander sets record with bow-and-arrow catch of 17-pound snakehead south of Washington, D.C.

When an Upper Marlboro man caught a 17-pound northern snakehead recently in Southern Maryland, he knew it was a whopper.

Now he knows its the largest recorded catch of its kind in Maryland.

Michael Meade caught the fish 17.49-pounder with a bow and arrow in the marshes of Mattawoman Creek, according to the Department of Natural Resources. It set a new state sport fish record.

"It was about 10:30 at night when I brought it onboard, and it was the biggest snakehead I had ever seen," Meade told the Department of Natural Resources. "When I got home, I stepped on a bathroom scale with the fish, and it was over 17 pounds. So, I put it in a bucket of ice water and went looking for a certified scale."

The following day, he had the fish confirmed at a certified scale at the Gray Brothers Market Store in Marbury.

Meade figures he'll be eating for a bit after the haul.

"I will bake the fillets with pepper and butter, enough for two or three meals, I expect," he told DNR.

Natural Resources says the state — which typically only awards records for those fish caught by a rod — holds an exception for some invasive species such as the northern snakehead.

The state keeps a list of records here. To inquire about a catch as a potential record-setter, call 410-260-8325 or 443-569-1381.

Snakeheads are considered predatory fish, often preying on other fish and marine wildlife. Because of this, Natural Resources urges that anglers catching snakeheads not return them to the water.

Read more about the fish here.

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