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Dollars spent per vote in Baltimore mayor's race

Candidates for Baltimore mayor have easily spent more money than in previous election cycles. The top seven Democrats running for mayor combined to spend more than $5.6 million as of April 15, the most recent filing deadline for campaign finance reports. Early voting began April 14.

Here’s a look at how the top candidates’ vote totals compared to the amount they reported spending during the campaign.

Last updated 11:37 a.m., April 27, 2016.


Dollars spent*

Catherine Pugh

46,036 votes


per vote

Sheila Dixon

43,462 votes


per vote

Elizabeth Embry

14,796 votes


per vote

David Warnock

10,197 votes


per vote

Carl Stokes

4,319 votes


per vote

DeRay Mckesson

3,098 votes


per vote

Nick Mosby**

1,778 votes


per vote

Campaign finance numbers do not include PAC funds

Includes top Democrat mayoral candidates. Republican candidates raised and spent virtually no money and are therefore excluded.

*Numbers are rounded

**Nick Mosby dropped out of the race on April 13.

Source: Associated Press, Maryland State Board of Elections

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