Video shows attacker trying to push man out of moving train in Baltimore

The Maryland Transit Administration police are investigating a recent fight between three people on a Baltimore Metro train, in which a young male appears to try to throw a man he is fighting from the train while it is in motion, a spokesman confirmed.

Video of the incident between the man and two younger males was posted on Facebook last week and had been shared more than 5,000 times as of Monday evening.

Paul Shepard, a MTA spokesman, said police have the video, but little additional information. Police believe the train in question had "either just pulled in or just pulled out of" the Mondawmin station.

"That's the area we're looking at," Shepard said.

Shepard said police are asking anyone who witnessed the fight or has other information to call them at 410-454-7720.

In the video, the older man is shown engaging in a fistfight with one of the younger males. A second younger male then joins in the fight. All three can be seen wildly throwing punches.

Several other people on the train can be seen watching the fight.

"I would break it up and be an adult about it, but I'm not going to," someone on the train says. "I'm a girl, so I'm not going to break anything up."

"I will record though," another person says.

"Somebody break it up!" a third person yells, as other people can be heard laughing.

About halfway through the 31/2-minute video, after the train appears to have gone into a tunnel, the man and one of his young attackers scuffle toward one of the train's doors. The younger male starts to pry open the door of the train and appears to say, "Throw him out."

Others on the train start screaming "No!"

"You gonna go to jail. You on too many cameras," one man says.

The fight breaks up soon after.

The woman who posted the video did not respond to a message on Facebook asking for comment, and could not otherwise be reached.

No one had reported the incident directly to the police as of Monday morning, Shepard said, and he didn't know when the fight first came to the attention of police.

"No complainant, no victim, has stepped forward yet," Shepard said. "Therefore, we can't confirm exactly when this occurred. No one has come forward and said, 'I was attacked.' We don't have a lot of details."

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