Two kayakers at Prettyboy charged

A view of Prettyboy Dam and the waters that flow into Gunpowder Falls in Parkton.

Two kayakers who were injured after falling 200 feet over the face of the dam at Prettyboy Reservoir have been charged with trespassing.

Paul K. Hare, 22, and Stephen D. Sparks, 21, both of Parkton, are charged with criminal trespassing and face $1,000 fines and one year in jail, said the Baltimore Environmental Police, which patrol the reservoir.


"All things considered, they were lucky," said Officer Heidi Greenleaf with Baltimore Environmental Police. She said she could not recall a similar incident where boaters attempted to go over the dam.

Greenleaf said it is unclear whether the men were purposely attempting to go over the dam, or did so accidentally, but that alcohol played a factor.


Hare suffered a large head laceration and was taken to York General Hospital in Pennsylvania. He was released the next day. Sparks suffered a severe head injury, and remained at University of Maryland Shock Trauma on Wednesday.

Greenleaf and other first responders found the men around 7:30 p.m. near the base of the dam.

Sparks was put in a stokes basket and carried up steep cliff-side stairs, and flown to Shock Trauma by Maryland state police helicopter. The rescue took about two and half hours, police said.

Police said they were in a no trespass zone and had been boating without permits.