Man shot, wounded near Old Town Mall

City police were investigating a shooting Monday afternoon at the Old Town Mall, the blighted outdoor shopping center that officials have pledged to redevelop.

The shooting was reported at around 1:30 p.m., and the police said a man had been shot in the leg.

At the scene, an overturned bicycle lay near a barber shop at the mall's east end, and police shut down Monument Street as an extension of the crime scene. A man was handcuffed and sitting on a curb inside the crime scene tape, while two blocks south officers placed another handcuffed man into a squad car and drove away.

Plainclothes officers were also stopping men and taking down their information.

Lt. Col. Melvin Russell, head of the police department's community partnership division, and Maj. Dennis Smith, who is running the city's shooting and homicide units, both visited the scene.

Earlier this year, the city issued a request for proposals to redevelop the mall, hoping to build a mixed-use space. The shopping center also received $300,000 from the state for a facelift that will include the demolition of 14 vacant buildings.

The mall has been targeted for re-development efforts various times over the past four decades. About a quarter of the mall was torn down years ago, and only a handful of businesses remain.

A church that has been near the mall for decades recently moved to a new location in Northeast Baltimore, according to a sign hanging on the side of the church. Last year, Under Armour built a new football field and scoreboard just north of the mall for Dunbar High School.

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