Feds seek to seize boat, expensive cars in heroin case

Federal prosecutors are moving to seize a boat and exotic cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in a heroin case with targets that include a man convicted in the case that put the Black Guerrilla Family gang on the Baltimore map.

Authorities are charging 13 people with crimes that include conspiracy to distribute heroin and maintaining a drug house, according to an indictment unsealed this week in U.S. District Court in Baltimore.

As part of the case, prosecutors want to seize several vehicles, including a 2011 Aston Martin Rapide, a 2007 Bentley convertible, a 2007 Mercedes-Benz Brabus, and a 33-foot boat.

Among those charged is Marlow Bates, 28, whose attorney confirmed that he is the son of the man of the same name who helped inspire the Marlo Stanfield character in “The Wire.” The younger Bates was indicted in 2009, convicted and sentenced to 46 months in prison in a case that revealed the Black Guerrilla Family’s growing operations.

Shortly after being released from federal prison, Bates was arrested and charged with stealing a Department of Corrections badge, according to the City Paper. Those charges were dropped in January, court records show.

Bates’ attorney, Harry Trainor, declined to comment on the federal indictment.

Prosecutors accuse Enzo Blanks, 28, of manufacturing, distributing and using heroin at apartments in The Atrium on Howard Street — where Baltimore police have their surveillance camera nerve center — and near the Washington Monument.

In documents filed Sept. 12 in a state case, Baltimore police say they received information from a confidential source that a person known as “Enzo” was selling “a large amount of heroin throughout Baltimore City and drives a black Ford F150 Harley Davidson truck.”

When police tried to pull Blanks over at West Monument and North Howard streets, he backed into an unmarked police vehicle in an attempt to get away, police said. A bag with 300 gel caps containing suspected heroin was recovered from his pants, police said.

The top-billed defendant, Antoine “Twizzy” Wiggins, 37, was charged in January after allegedly fleeing a traffic stop in Northeast Baltimore and throwing a “large amount” of drug capsules out of the window before ditching his 2013 Honda Accord with more than 100 capsules still inside.

Police say Wiggins handed over his driver’s license before taking off. The Accord is among the vehicles that prosecutors want to seize.

Attorney Marc Zayon, who represents Wiggins in a pending Baltimore County drug case and Blanks in the state case, declined to comment.

Robert Lomax III is accused of using a home in the 600 block of Gold St. in West Baltimore as a drug house, and of possessing 200 rounds of .22-caliber ammunition.

An attorney for Lomax could not be reached.

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