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Alleged West Baltimore BGF leader convicted after sting

A federal jury on Thursday convicted a man described as the leader of a West Baltimore Black Guerrilla Family crew on robbery, drug and gun charges.

Antonio Davis, 33, and four other men were caught in a Drug Enforcement Administration "reverse sting" case after agreeing to a major drug robbery scheme proposed by a federal informant posing as a disgruntled cocaine courier.

When the group headed to a hotel to carry out the supposed robbery, police disabled their vehicle and arrested them.

"It was a very difficult case from the defendant's perspective," Davis' attorney Arcangelo Tuminelli said. "There was just a substantial amount of testimonial and video evidence and I'd have to say that the verdict was not unfair."

Tuminelli and other lawyers in the case had tried to argue that the law enforcement strategy was entrapment. But prosecutors introduced evidence at trial to support their position that Davis — who went by the name Tank Top — and his group had previously been involved in drug robberies, and were major traffickers in their own right.

Three other defendants in the case have pleaded guilty to robbery and gun charges and one pleaded guilty to a robbery charge.

The case was among a number of similar stings run by the DEA and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms in Baltimore in recent years.

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