Journalists, campaigners sue over Manning trial access

A group of journalists and freedom of information campaigners are suing in federal court in Baltimore to get greater access to proceedings in the military trial of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning who is accused of leaking thousands of classified documents.

The suit was brought by Julian Assange, the organizer behind WikiLeaks, Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald, The Nation opinion journal and other organizations. It asks for access to filings in the case, orders of the court and transcripts or audio recordings of the proceedings.

"The press and public have been largely denied access to even non-classified documents filed in Manning's court-martial," the complaint said.

The same plaintiffs made a similar bid in the military courts themselves, but the top panel in that system ruled that it had no jurisdiction to hear their claims.

Manning's court martial is expected to begin at Ft. Meade on June 3. He is accused of turning over thousands of classified military reports to be published by WikiLeaks.

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