In Belair-Edison neighborhood, grief after a daytime killing

A medic unit that had rushed to the scene of the midday shooting in Belair-Edison sat idling in the street. With the dead man's body under a sheet, there was no one to transport.

Word was spreading about 49-year-old Kelvin Moyd's being shot. Relatives came running down Pelham Avenue, visibly upset and too frantic to cry. Two women burst through crime scene tape. One was bear-hugged by a male officer, who had other officers come to his aid as he struggled to keep her back.

Then a man came down the street and a group of people swarmed him before he could confront an officer. He pushed forward, staggered back, then moved toward to a fence, where he propped himself up with one hand.

"Ma, they killed him," one woman yelled into a phone. "I heard it in my [expletive] sleep. They killed him, Ma. He's dead. They killed him."

A young man wearing an Oakland Raiders hat paced while on the phone. He was crying so hard that he had difficulty making sounds. A police helicopter buzzed overhead, making circles occasionally reflected in shadows on the ground. Children walking home from school casually walked through the police tape and trudged up the steps onto their front porches.

After letting a group of concerned people linger by the crime scene, a female officer told them they had to leave or risk being transported to Central Booking in a police wagon.

"That's somebody's uncle, somebody's brother on the ground," Jazmon Goode, 29, who identified herself as a niece of Moyd's, said of the officer's ordering people to disperse. Goode had come to the scene after getting a call from Moyd's girlfriend. Goode said her mother saw his body before it had been covered.

Neighbors said they heard at least four shots. According to the official police account, Moyd and another man were standing outside in the 3100 block of Pelham Avenue when an SUV pulled up, and a gunman got out while opening fire.

Moyd was struck several times and the other man was hit in the buttock. He suffered a graze wound and was transported to a hospital.

Earlier in the day in the Waltherson neighborhood, also in the Northeastern District, a man was killed in the 4000 block of Ridgecroft Road. Police did not release his identity but said he was 24 and had been shot once in the chest about 12:50 a.m. by a man who then fled.

The killings were the eighth and ninth in the Northeastern District this year but the first two to occur east of Harford Road, which bisects the area. Police asked anyone with information to call homicide detectives at 410-396-2100.

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