Morgan State student sues over baseball bat attack

A Morgan State University student who was partially blinded with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire alleges in a recently filed lawsuit that the school ignored warning signs of Alexander Kinyua's potential for violence.

Joshua Ceasar of New Jersey was struck by Kinyua, who is accused of killing a family friend before eating some of his body parts in Harford County. Kinyua pleaded guilty but not criminally responsible in December in the attack on Ceasar.


"There were numerous warning signs that Kinyua was a danger to the community, and Morgan State failed to act to protect anyone on campus," said Ceasar's attorney, Steven D. Silverman. "As a result, Josh is blinded and severely traumatized."

A Morgan State spokesman said in an email that the university does not comment on matters involving litigation.


The complaint alleges Kinyua exhibited warning signs that school officials should have taken action, including an incident in December 2011 when he punched holes in an office wall, prompting an ROTC official to call him a "Virginia Tech waiting to happen."

Months after the incident, Kinyua posted numerous, troubling messages on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, the complaint says.

Later, after his mother prompted him to seek anger management counseling, Kinyua met with a counselor who didn't follow up, the complaint alleges.

Just days after Kinyua was released on bail in Ceasar's attack, he was charged with dismembering Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, a 37-year-old Ghanaian national staying in Kinyua's family home, then eating his heart and parts of his brain.