Police suspend officer amid sex misconduct investigation

A 39-year-old Baltimore police officer has been suspended amid allegations of sexual misconduct, the city's police commissioner announced Monday. 

The officer was identified as Northwestern District patrol officer Elliott Simon, and Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts called the complaint "very serious" and said it has prompted a criminal and internal investigation. 

Batts said the officer is alleged to have been on-duty and that the complaint involves an 18-year-old girl. The complaint was received over the weekend and immediately investigated, he said.

"When we make mistakes - or alleged mistakes - we will address them, [and] we will be open and transparent as an organization. The concern I do have is that these are just allegations at this point in time," Batts said. "The officer has a right to a fair investigation, and the citizen who made the allegations has a right to an efficient and well-done investigation."

Simon is a 14-year veteran and has been suspended without pay, officials said. Attempts to reach Simon were not successful.

The suspension comes a week after police suspended an officer assigned to the Violent Crimes Impact Section after federal authorities notified police that the officer was under investigation. That officer has not been identified by the agency. 


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