"I hope my baby is dead"

"I hope my baby is dead."

These are the chilling words from a mother who is now charged with repeatedly stabbing her 8-month-old child during a supervised visit with a social service's worker. The account comes from police charging documents filed in court that detail the horrific incident.

Social workers rushed to help the child, and one threw a chair at her, forcing her to drop the baby, the knife still in her neck. One worker told police she confronted the suspect as she held her daughter on a table with one hand and the knife in the other.

The charging documents state that the mother, 29-year-old Kenisha Thomas, was angry that her hour-long meeting with her daughter was nearing and end and that she could do a better job raising her. When told her time was up, she reportedly said, "It's about to be over," and "Lock me up. If I can't have her, nobody will."

Today's story contains more from the staff and addresses security cocerns about how someone could get into the secure building with a knife. Read that article here.

Here are the charging documents filed in court:

?On 24 Apr 12 at approx 1000 hrs Eastern District patrol units were dispatched to 3031 E Biddle St (Dept Social Services Building) for a cutting. Upon arrival, it was determined that a 8 month old child (victim) had been stabbed multiple times, and that the victim's mother (suspect) was being detained. Child abuse Unit was contacted, and immediately responded to the scene. Upon arrival, the following information was obtained.

The victim was suffering from multiple stab wounds, and was transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital by Baltimore City Medic #24. The suspect was also suffering from wounds, which were treated by Medic 10 on scene. Investigation revealed that the suspect does not have custody of the victim. The suspect was at the DSS building for a supervised visit with the victim, in the company of DSS employee. It was during this visit on 04/24/12 at approx 0950 hrs, that the suspect produced a kitchen knife, and began to stab the victim multiple times. The suspect was subdued by staff, and authorities notified.

The Crime Scene consisted of an office area with chairs and tables. This area was the scene of the stabbing, where blood was on the floor area of same. There were also other misc items, and a kitchen knife on the floor (believed to be the weapon used to commit this offense). This area was photographed and processed by crime lab unit #5825 (Tech Tran). There was also blood located in the hallway area (where victim was taken to after incident), this was also photographed by crime lab. Items recovered and submitted by crime lab.
The knife recovered had a wooden type handle and consisted of a long silver blade. Same had blood on the blade portion of the knife.

This Detective along with Detective Herndon responded to 3031 E. Biddle St and obtained statements from the following people that were involved in the incident.

Witness # 1- Dana Hayes B/F. Dana provided a recorded statement. During her statement she disclosed that on 24 April 2012 at approximately 0925 Hrs Kenisha Thomas B/F came to her office located at 3031 E. Biddle St for supervised visitation with her daughter, Pretty Diamond. Dana advised that they all went to room # 117 (Conference room) so that Kenisha could spend time with her child. During that time Dana advised that Kenisha complained about her daughter's care and felt like she could do a better job. Dana advised that it was a one-hour visit and toward that end of the visit Dana stated that the visit is almost over. Then Kenisha laid her daughter on the table and stated, ' It is about to be over'. Kenisha then began to fumble through her handbag and pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed the baby (Pretty Diamond). Dana stated that she began to scream and ran from the room yelling that ' She stabbing the baby, Help'. She remembers people running in the room but was so upset she could not remember whom they were. She described the knife as a long, thin knife with a black handle. She stated that she was about six feet away when the incident occurred.
Witness # 2- Elaine Jackson B/F. Elaine provided a recorded statement. During her statement she advised that she heard Dana yell and ran to the area (conference room). She observed the baby (Pretty Diamand) lying on the floor with a black handled knife in her neck. She advised that she removed the knife to get the baby away from the mother who was acting in an uncontrollable manor. She grabbed the baby and ran to another room down the hall. Elaine held the baby until Dr. Dodge came over and they place the baby on the floor to check her condition. The medic # 24 arrived and took control of the situation.

Witness # 3- William Purnell Short 3rd B/M. Mr. Short intervened in the incident and sustained superficial injuries to his hands. Det. Sgt. Newberg responded to Johns Hopkins Hospital and conducted a recorded interview with him. During the interview Mr short advised the following. He was working at DSS at the time, where he heard his co-worker screaming. He went into the area, where he saw the suspect with a knife in her hand. He heard the mother state that she was going to 'kill the baby'. To prevent the suspect from causing any more harm to the victim, he struck the suspect with a chair. He then grabbed the suspect, where the suspect bit Mr. Short on his left hand. He held the suspect until help arrived. He advised that he heard the suspect state, 'I hope my baby is dead.'

Witness # 4- Security Officer Latarsha Wilson B/F. Latarsha provided a recorded statement. During her statement she advised that she heard people yelling and responded to the conference room # 117. Latarsha advised that she saw the suspect (Kenisha) trying to get away from Mr. Short who was restraining the suspect in room # 117. She advised that she saw the Baby on the floor with a a knife in her neck. She stated that Elain Jackson came in the room and took the baby. She stated that the suspect was not armed with the knife when she arrived. She stated that the suspect (Kenisha) stated, ' Lock me up, if I can't have her no one will'. The police/medics arrived and she left the room.

Witness # 5- Angela Edge B/F. Angela provided a recorded statement. During her statement she disclosed that her desk #164 is about ten feet from room #117 (location of incident), She stated that she heard Dana scream, ' she is killing her baby'. She advised that she went to room # 117 and observed Kenisha holding a knife to the right side of the baby's neck. She advised that Kenisha was standing with her baby on the table; she was holding the baby down with her left hand and had the knife in her right hand. Angela advised that she was going to approach Kenisha but heard Kenisha say, ' I am going to kill her'. Angela advised that she was going to leave the room but was afraid she would kill the baby if she left, so she stayed in the doorway to watch her. Angela advised that Mr. Short slowly came into the room and made his way around to Kenisha. Angela advised that Mr. Short began to throw chairs at Kenisha to divert her attention to him and not the baby. Angela advised that Kenisha blocked a chair with the hand that was holding the baby down but held on to the knife. Then Mr. Short threw a chair toward her face and she dropped the baby. At that time Mr. Short moved toward Kenisha and restrained her from hurting the child any further. Angela advised that a worker came and took the baby out of the room. Angela then left the room to go get her supervisor.
The witnesses listed above were interviewed and all of their statements were consistent with the statements made by witnesses #1, 2, 3 and 4.

Evidence was recovered and submitted to ECU. An attempt was made to speak to the suspect in reference to this incident where she requested an attorney and no statement was taken.
The victim sustained approximately five stab wounds around her head, neck and chest area. After surgery the victim is stable in the intensive care unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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