Another victim refuses to testify, putting neighborhood watch case in jeopardy

Baltimore's very own Trayvon Martin case, at least to some in the community, was thrown into peril on Wednesday when the victim stated from the witness stand he wanted charges dropped. The
Sun's court reporter, Tricia Bishop, reports:

"I been wanting to drop the charges all the time, I didn't even want to go through [this]. I feel like I was being pressured," said 16-year-old Corey Ausby, who took the stand  with tear tracks staining his face. "In my heart, I didn't want to testify."

He isn't the first victim to change his story or his mind, one of the many problems prosecutors routinely face in Baltimore trials. A judge is deciding the fate of Avi and Eliyahu Werdsheim, members of a Jewish neighborhood patrol group charged with beating Corey and telling him he didn't belong in the neighborhood.

The case had been fraught with tension from the start, even before Trayvon Martin became a household name, but the young victim had never put himself in the spotlight. Now, we'll see what this means to the case.

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