Notable figures in the drug conspiracy

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, 31. Grew up dealing drugs in East Baltimore and at age 14 killed a youth in a fight. On HBO series "The Wire," played an enforcer for drug organization. Arrested last year as part of a drug sweep and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sell heroin. Put on probation with a suspended sentence.

Shawn Johnson. New York drug supplier described by Pearson as an old friend. Pleaded guilty to being the drug network's main supplier, trafficking in 10-kilogram heroin shipments. Also caught on police wiretaps talking with Pearson — once about buying heroin, prosecutors say. Faces life in prison when sentenced in May.

Kevin Jackson, 29, of Baltimore. Described by police as a street lieutenant in the drug organization. Doubled as a rap artist and has a CD to his name. Pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges and is to be sentenced March 23.

Gerrard Mungo Sr., 46, of Baltimore. Pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges and faces 12 years in prison; sentencing has not been scheduled. Admitted in plea agreement that he helped set up drug buys between middle-men, and in one intercepted phone call urged making the heroin "a little stronger."

Antonio Malone, 33, of Baltimore. Pleaded guilty to buying drugs from Johnson and distributing heroin to street-level dealers throughout East Baltimore. On Dec. 21, 2010, prosecutors say, rival drug dealers raided his rowhouse, stole 47 grams of heroin and demanded $15,000. Called Shawn Johnson, prosecutors said, who referred him to Felicia Pearson. Serving six years in prison.

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