Video shows man attacking city officer during other man's arrest

A video posted to a popular web site yesterday shows a man attack a Baltimore Police officer, springing free another man who was being arrested.

Police said the incident occurred New Year's Eve, and identified the attacker as Manuel Imel, a 40-year-old with a last known address in West Baltimore. Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said, "I don't know if there's any clearer example of what the men and women of this agency go through each and every day to keep the city safe."

"It's time to make this man famous," Guglielmi said, holding up Imel's picture and calling what he is accused of doing "an act of cowardice." "The people of Baltimore should know this is the man responsible for hurting the people that keep you safe."

Guglielmi said Imel had pulled up next to a parked police car in the 2500 block of E. Monument St. and struck it with his own car door. He appeared to be intoxicated, but while officers were talking to him a second man approached and began interfering, Guglielmi said.

The video posted to picks up there, with two officers trying to handcuff the second man in the middle of the street. A crowd had formed around them, and people appear to be upset with the actions of the officers prior to the recording.

Suddenly, a man, who police say is Imel, comes from behind the officers and tackles one of them, allowing the man who was being detained to run away. The officers struggle with the Imel, punching and kicking him in an attempt to subdue him.

Imel, who court records show has prior charges of drug possession, theft, domestic violence, among others, is being held on $100,000 bond for charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, and obstructing and hindering.

There is a warrant out for the arrest of the second man, who was not identified pending that arrest, police said. 

Guglielmi said the officers, shown kicking and punching the man but not using a Taser, pepper spray, or their service handguns, handled the incident appropriately.