Snowden found guilty of misdemeanor drug charge

UPDATE: Carl Snowden has been found guilty of a misdemeanor drug possession charge.

Police smelled marijuana 10 feet from the car in which the civil rights chief for the Maryland attorney general's office was sitting, then saw the marijuana cigar lying a foot from Carl O. Snowden in his car, a Baltimore prosecutor told jurors Monday.


"We've all heard of contact highs," city prosecutor Deniece Robinson said in her closing arguments, contending that Snowden had been "enjoying" the illegal drug as much as his passenger was.

City police approached the Honda Pilot last April in Druid Hill Park and charged both men.

"He knew the marijuana was there. It's his car," Robinson said, arguing that the cigar belonged to both Snowden and his passenger.

Snowden, 59, a former Annapolis city alderman and longtime civil rights activist, is facing a misdemeanor drug possession charge. Snowden's passenger, a registered sex offender, acknowledged the cigar and a small bag of marijuana found on him were his when he was convicted in June of the same charge, Snowden's lawyer, Stuart Simms, said.

At his June hearing, Anthony Hill "accepted all responsibility for the marijuana that was in the car and on his person," Simms said.

Simms called a conclusion that the drugs also belonged to Snowden "speculation."

Jurors deliberated about an hour and 20 minutes Monday and are scheduled to resume deliberations Tuesday morning.

Snowden did not testify Monday. The defense's presentation lasted only the few minutes it took for Simms to read to the jury the statement of facts used in Hill's case.

Earlier in the trial, Detective Vaughn Diggs said Snowden pleaded with him not to be arrested.