Before the final snowflakes fell this weekend, stories emerged of goodwill.

Strangers pushed free stuck cars. In Fells Point, a friendly man heaped snow into a bar and offered drinks. Locust Point families united to pass buckets of shoveled snow down the block. Around Baltimore, it was camaraderie born from the challenge of digging out.


Then, in Northwest Baltimore, a man with dried blood on his head told police he was beaten with a snow shovel.

Officials have urged families not to shovel snow into city streets.

The victim, 53, told police two men were shoveling snow Sunday afternoon into Oakford Avenue in Dolfield.

He told them to stop.

A fight began there, in the 3900 block.

The victim told police one of the men swung a shovel, hitting him on the right side of his head.

Officers noted, in their report, dried blood on the victim's head, but he declined medical care.

This victim also told police one of the shovelers pulled out a handgun and fired twice.

But officers couldn't find any shell casings. Also, the neighbors didn't hear any gunshots, police said.

The victim didn't know these two men shoveling, but one wore black coveralls. They ran off.

Officers are looking for the shovelers.