According to the police a man was shot and killed by an officer during a foot chase after he pulled a gun on an officer in NW Baltimore. (Tim Prudente, Baltimore Sun video)

Baltimore police shot and killed a 33-year-old man who they say pulled a semiautomatic handgun on an officer during a foot chase Sunday night in Northwest Baltimore.

Police did not immediately say how many times or where the man was shot, but he died Sunday night at an undisclosed hospital. They did not release his name.


"He turned and pointed that gun at the officer," said Chief T.J. Smith, the police spokesman.

The events that led to the shooting began about 8:15 p.m. in West Baltimore, when officers attempted to pull over a red SUV on Westwood Avenue for a traffic violation. Police said the driver took off and that they followed from the air with a police helicopter.

The driver and a female passenger ditched the car on an alley off Gwynns Falls Parkway in the Garwyn Oaks neighborhood, police said.

Smith said the couple likely didn't know they were being trailed by the helicopter high above. He said they simply began walking down Gwynns Falls.

Officers arrived and the man took off running, police said. They said he ran through backyards and jumped a fence. An officer followed on foot. The woman, Smith said, stayed behind and was stopped by police.

In the grassy median of Gwynns Falls, the man drew a gun, turned and pointed it before he was shot by the officer, Smith said.

He said the man was "known by law enforcement" but didn't say how. It was not immediately known whether the man fired. But later, officers also found a replica handgun on him, police said.

Emma Ready was making herself a cup of hot chocolate and settling down in her living room when she heard the pops — several of them, she said — outside her window.

"I'm glad the bullets went the other way," she said, "or I would have been in trouble."

Ready has lived in Garwyn Oaks for three decades and never before heard gunshots from outside, she said.

"It sounded like firecrackers," she said.

Beyond her window, more than a dozen officers worked over the scene. Gwynns Falls Parkway was closed while they worked, setting yellow evidence markers in the street and the grassy median where the man was shot. There were just the markers in the median as one officer swept a metal detector back and forth through the grass and the sound of it beeping over the shell casings.