Bail review postponed for Maryland officer accused of sexually assaulting woman during traffic stop

A Prince George’s County police officer accused of ordering a woman to perform a sex act on him during a traffic stop will remain in jail without bond after his bail review hearing was postponed to next week.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed Wednesday to delay the bond hearing for Officer 1st Class Ryan Macklin, 29.


Macklin was arrested Monday night and charged with first- and second-degree rape in connection with the assault that police say occurred while he was on duty, in uniform and driving his marked police cruiser.

“He entered a plea of not guilty and we are in discussions with the state about next steps,” said Mark Schamel, an attorney for Macklin, who has six years’ service with the county. “We believe he should be released on some condition while the case is being investigated.”


The officer pulled over a woman about 1 a.m. Thursday in Langley Park and tried to “touch her breast,” charging documents say.

Afterward, he ordered her to drive behind a nearby store and perform a sex act on him, according to the documents. The officer also told the woman that he wanted sex but went back to his cruiser and left the scene after a witness arrived, the documents state.

A Maryland police officer is accused of raping a woman in her car during a traffic stop.

The witness was a person the woman had called, but charging documents do not detail how the two are known to each other.

“Law enforcement interviewed this witness who was able to corroborate some of the information, and obtained video evidence that supported the victim’s story,” the documents state.

Casa of Maryland, a Latino and immigrant advocacy group, said the woman approached the group’s community advocates to say she had been assaulted but because of her immigration status was in fear of retribution if she filed a complaint.

“I was one of the first people that this brave woman came to and spoke to about this event,” said Sara Ramirez, a community liaison for Casa. “We helped her follow the steps to handle this situation to ensure there is no impunity in this matter.”

Casa spokeswoman Lizette Olmos said the “aggression” against the woman took place after the officer saw that her driver’s license indicated that she was an undocumented immigrant.

Prince George’s County police officials said they would not confirm the woman’s immigration status. The department said Monday that it had no information on why the woman might have been targeted.

In addition to charges of first- and second-degree rape, Macklin has been charged with second-degree assault and other related offenses.

In a brief surveillance video police released Monday, a marked police cruiser can be seen activating emergency lights to make a traffic stop at the site where the incident was said to have occurred.

Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said after announcing Macklin’s arrest that he was “very disturbed” by the circumstances.

Macklin, who was assigned to patrol, has been suspended without pay as a result of his arrest.


During his time with Prince George’s police, he was named officer of the month at least twice. Two commendations occurred in 2014 — one for recovering drugs and cash during a traffic stop and another for recovering a handgun during a traffic stop.

Macklin also has been disciplined, according to court records from a civil case in which he appealed the department’s disciplinary action against him.

Macklin was reported absent without leave for taking a day off in July 2016 after his supervisor had denied his request for sick leave, according to court records. Macklin’s pay was docked, and he was also reprimanded for insubordination, the court filings show. Macklin appealed, saying he was wrongly punished twice for a single charge — being reported for AWOL and insubordination — but a Prince George’s County Circuit Court judge in August sided with the department and affirmed the discipline.

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