Report: Maryland sheriff’s deputy fatally shoots erratic driver who attacked him

Gaithersburg — A sheriff’s deputy shot and killed an erratic driver in Maryland after the man caused two car crashes and attacked the deputy with a piece of wood, authorities said.

The Washington Post reports that the incident began at about 8 a.m. Saturday.


Montgomery County Sheriff Darren Popkin said one driver swerved to avoid him and crashed into a telephone pole. The erratic driver then crashed head-on into a second vehicle at an intersection. Popkin said the man got out of his car and used a large piece of wood to try to attack the people he had just crashed into.

A sheriff’s deputy who was driving to work stopped at the scene in Gaithersburg to help when the man turned on him. The deputy appears to have tried to user his Taser to stop the man, but he continued to attack him with the wood, Popkin said.


“It was at that point the deputy felt his life was threatened and did use force that did stop the individual,” Popkin said in a news conference near the scene.

Authorities have not identified the deputy or the man who died. The deputy was being treated at a hospital for a back injury and superficial wounds to his arms that he suffered as he tried to protect himself, Popkin said. No one in the vehicles that crashed suffered injuries that required being taken to a hospital.

“My thoughts are with everybody who was involved in this incident,” Popkin said.

Montgomery County police are leading the investigation with help from the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office.