Baltimore County Police Chief Hyatt praises officers’ actions in Hunt Valley knife attack

Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt praised her officers’ response Saturday afternoon to the attack at Hunt Valley Towne Centre, saying they acted “swiftly and courageously” when a man with a knife began stabbing shoppers and workers.

Five people were wounded — their injuries are not life-threatening — before police shot and killed the attacker.


“Our officers used the force that they believed necessary, under the circumstances, to protect the citizens of Baltimore County,” Hyatt wrote in a statement online Monday.

Police identified the attacker as Jamaal Taylor, 31, from the Moravia-Walther neighborhood of Northeast Baltimore. Cellphone video of the deadly encounter has circulated on social media, showing officers shouting commands at Taylor as he walked on Shawan Road.


Hyatt called the attack brazen, saying he randomly attacked the shoppers.

“I want to again express my gratitude to the men and women of this Department who acted swiftly and courageously to bring a quick resolution to this unpredictable incident,” she wrote.

Police said Taylor began his attack inside Hunt Valley Wine Liquor & Beer. They say he wounded three people in the liquor store and attacked two others outside.

Detectives continue to investigate whether Taylor was the attacker responsible for cutting a man that morning at the Upton Metro station in West Baltimore.