Baltimore County man federally indicted in connection to U.S. Capitol insurrection

A Baltimore County man was federally indicted Wednesday for his alleged participation in the U.S. Capitol insurrection.

Elias Costianes, 42, of Nottingham faces three charges, including obstructing an official proceeding, entering and remaining on a restricted building or grounds with the intent to impede or disrupt government businesses, and willfully engaging in disorderly conduct in any of the Capitol buildings with the intent to impede or disturb.


According to the statement of facts, a member of the public submitted a tip to the FBI tip website and identified Costianes through his Snapchat account and said he posted two videos of his alleged participation in the insurrection. The individual requested to have their identity protected.

Investigators analyzed the Snapchat videos, Costianes’ driver’s license photo, as well as images captured on U.S. Senate cameras.


The Snapchat video showed Costianes outside the Capitol, authorities said, where he said, “Holy s---, they broke into the Capitol.” He then allegedly said, “Let’s go.”

Video then shows him climbing the scaffolding and he panned the camera back toward the crowd. He then filmed his ascent up the stairs and as he approached the building, authorities said.

As he climbed the stairs, Costianes shouted, “Mitch McConnell’s a traitor.”

Once inside the Capitol, authorities said, Costianes said, “Commandeered the Senators only.”

The complaint says the Snapchat video shows Costianes inside Senate chambers on the second floor. Cameras inside the Senate match where Costianes was standing from the Snapchat video.

Video allegedly shows him by an elevator labeled “Senators only elevator. No carts or material” and by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office.

At one point in the video, Costianes panned his camera to an officer guarding the door and shouted, “Open the f------ door.”