More than 200 storage units were broken into at a Parkville Public Storage facility last week, Baltimore County Police said.

Unknown suspects broke into the facility at 1717 E. Joppa Road between 10:30 p.m. March 26 and 4 a.m. March 27, said Officer Jennifer Peach, a county police spokeswoman said.


“Our Burglary Unit is continuing the investigation into this,” she said in an email.

Peach said the storage facility has cameras and detectives are reviewing surveillance video to identify multiple suspects involved.

Dee Yanopulo, 58, of Nottingham said an employee at the Public Storage Facility called and said her unit was among those that were broken into, but she has not gone to see what has been taken.

“I just can’t bring myself to go see what the aftermath is,” she said. “They informed me that my unit was targeted, but not the current condition.”

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Yanopulo was using the unit to store items she was collecting for another home she wants to buy. She stored TVs, pictures and other housewares, like sheets and dishes for her new home. She also had a collection of “Reborn” dolls and outfits for them, which she said can be expensive.

“I kind of assumed my stuff was safe,” she said.

Yanopulo said she estimates she had $23,000 of items in her 10-by-10-foot unit, which she has been renting over the past two years. She said the price has been increasing but she most recently was paying between $155 and $165 a month for the unit.

Yanopulo questioned the security at the facility, which she said has cameras and a large gate.

“What are the cameras and gate for? That’s not going to get my stuff back,” she said. “From my perspective they have no security,” she said.

Employees at the Joppa Road facility directed a reporter’s call for comment to the company’s corporate leaders, who did not return a call for comment.

Yanopulo said Public Storage has not offered to reimburse her for any expenses. She said she was directed to make a claim with her home owner’s insurance, but she said she hasn’t taken that step yet.

Yanopulo said the company does offer insurance but she waived the coverage when she rented the unit because after some research online, she “felt it was worthless.”