Baltimore County police on Tuesday identified the officer who fatally shot a man last week as a 20-year veteran of the department.

The department said the officer is Sgt. Bortner of the Pikesville precinct. Bortner has not been involved in any previous shootings, the department said.


Police say Bortner shot and killed Oddis Bernard Colvin Jr., 33, on Friday through the windshield of Colvin's vehicle as Colvin drove toward him. According to police, Colvin and his passenger, Michael E. Stratton, 45, were fleeing from a bank robbery at Wells Fargo on Reisterstown Road in Pikesville in when they encountered police, who had blocked traffic in the area of Old Court and Falls roads.

Officers had tracked the Colvin and Stratton to the area through a GPS device that was hidden in money a bank teller handed over during the robbery, according to court documents.

Police on Tuesday released some new details of their preliminary investigation into the shooting.

Department spokeswoman Elise Armacost said an officer asked Colvin, who was driving a Ford Taurus, for his license. As Colvin reached for his license, the officer saw Stratton in the back seat, along with money.

The officer pulled his weapon and asked the men to show their hands, she said.

Armacost said in an email to The Sun that Bortner responded to back up the officer, and Colvin then "ignored multiple commands, accelerated quickly and drove the vehicle directly toward" the sergeant.

Armacost said she did not know how far from the vehicle Bortner was when Colvin drove toward him. That detail remains under investigation, she said.

Under an agreement with the county police union, the department does not release the first name of officers who are involved in shootings. County employment records list a sergeant named Michael Bortner. A phone number could not be located for Bortner for comment.

Homicide detectives are investigating, which is standard in police shootings.