An officer involved in the fatal shooting of a Parkton man Tuesday during a traffic stop has been placed on administrative leave during internal review of the incident, according to Baltimore County Police.

Officer Page is a 21-year veteran assigned to the Cockeysville precinct (Precinct 7) with no prior police-involved shooting incidents, the department said late Friday. The department identified the officer only by last name.


She asked not to be identified, citing safety concerns.

Sopp’s mother described the night leading to the shooting of her son as “rough” as he was making suicidal threats. The mother said that night she would call 911 and Sopp, 48, took a phone and broke it in half. He later grabbed two other phones and threw them across a room.

Sopp had a previous history of disappearing from their home for days and she refused to give him his car keys.

Moments after, Sopp then grabbed an ice-pick out of the kitchen, threatening to stab himself, she said.

After she convinced Sopp to put the ice-pick away, the mother eventually made a missing persons call after Sopp left the home in his car and she found a phone in the basement to use. Less than five minutes after he walked out, she said she got a 911 operator on the line and advised police to look for him “as soon as possible.”

Ofc. Jennifer Peach, spokeswoman for the Baltimore County Police Department said officers got to the home on the Pheasant Wood Court around 9 p.m. They canvassed the area but he was gone.

Officers arrived at the home within 10 minutes, the mother said.

Officers later located the vehicle Sopp was traveling in southbound on I-83 north of Belfast Road and pulled the car over, Peach said.

When Sopp was stopped, a struggle began and he was shot and killed. Officers have not released details on how or why the altercation became fatal, how many shots were fired and if there is body camera footage available of the incident.

Peach said the officer and medics attempted to resuscitate Sopp but that he died of his wounds. Preliminary information indicates he was alone in the car, she added. Officers did not say if there was a weapon or any type of other threat with an object at the time Sopp was stopped in the car.

The mother contested the officer’s decision making during the shooting, saying different measures could have been taken to save his life.