Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby said Thursday that she will not reopen the investigation into the death of Tyrone West during an altercation with police in 2013, saying there is no evidence to contradict the previous administration's findings.

West's family and their supporters had asked Mosby to reinvestigate the case, and last year City Councilman Warren Branch publicly called on her to take a new look at that case and two other high-profile deaths of Baltimore men after altercations with police.


On Thursday, Mosby told The Baltimore Sun that her office reviewed the various investigations of West's death, which included an independent review by a commission appointed by the Police Department.

"We looked at the prior investigations, and with no new information and no additional information that would contradict the conclusion of the prior administration, I have no intention to reopen [the West] case," she said.

West's sister, Tawanda Jones, said Mosby called her Thursday to inform her of the decision. Jones said she plans to gather new information to present to prosecutors.

"We've got to play investigator," Jones said. "When I get this new information, I want to see what she'll do."

Jones has been leading protests every Wednesday since West's death, calling them "West Wednesdays." The case is often cited as a factor in the defeat of Mosby's predecessor and in the continuing discussion on police-community relations. Jones and her efforts garnered national attention after the death last April of Freddie Gray, who suffered a severe spinal injury in police custody.

West, 44, died July 18, 2013, during a traffic stop in Northeast Baltimore. Police said he fought with officers, and the medical examiner's office ruled that he died because he had a heart condition that was exacerbated by the struggle with police and the summer heat. West's family says officers beat him to death.

No officers were charged in West's death, though the review panel said officers did not follow basic policies and made tactical errors that "potentially aggravated the situation."