Man, woman dead in E. Baltimore shooting

Two people are dead after a shooting in Northeast Baltimore Thursday.

A man and a woman were killed in a Thursday afternoon shooting in Northeast Baltimore, continuing a spike in city violence that has seen at least 32 homicides in the past 30 days.

The crime scene for Thursday's double-fatal incident appeared to be inside a home at the end of the 1900 block of E. 31st St., in the Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello neighborhood and in view of Lake Montebello.

Distraught loved ones rushed to the scene, demanding answers and wanting to get inside the home.

"I just want to see my brother walk out the house," one woman said.

As police talked to them, another woman suddenly fell to the ground shrieking and ripped at the grass beneath her. She clasped her arms around a female police officer, sobbing. Another woman ran away from the scene, also yelling into the air.

Maj. Stanley Brandford, commander of the homicide unit, said the circumstances of the shooting were unclear. The agency posted to Twitter that the victims were shot multiple times.

On the street outside, a blue Jeep was parked with its driver's-side door open. The interior of the door had been ripped out and was touching the ground. Brandford said the vehicle had been damaged prior to any police or medic arrival.

Earlier in the day, a man was shot in the face and killed in West Baltimore. The shooting occurred in the 2100 block of Edmondson Ave., in the Midtown-Edmondson neighborhood, according to police, who posted the information to Twitter at around 11 a.m. No further information was provided.

Anyone with information may contact homicide detectives at 410-396-2100.

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