Sheriff's office to begin Friday foot patrol in Baltimore

There’s a new sheriff’s patrol in town.

The city’s sheriff’s office is beginning a new Friday foot patrol in Baltimore’s southeast and eastern districts.


Beginning this Friday “until further notice,” 15 deputy sheriffs will walk foot patrol on Monument Street, Eastern Avenue and the East 25th Street and Harford Road corridor. Friday was chosen for the patrol because of the high levels of crime that happen on that day, Major Sabrina Tapp-Harper said. Tapp-Harper said the Friday patrols will vary in time of day.

“Obviously we want to try to assist our partners in law enforcement in any way we can,” she said.

Tapp-Harper, who spent 26 years with the Baltimore Police Department before joining the sheriff’s office, has expressed interest in the city’s police commissioner position.

In addition to the new Friday foot patrol, two deputy sheriffs will continue to deploy every night in South Baltimore in the Otterbein area from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m., with another deputy at Baltimore City College during school dismissal. Seven deputies will be on hand this Saturday at the Fells Point Festival, with an additional 30 in East Baltimore at Sunday’s “Making Strides against Breast Cancer” event.

“We deeply care about the people affected by crime in Baltimore,” Baltimore Sheriff John W. Anderson said in a statement.

The primary responsibility of the Baltimore City Sheriff's Office is to serve the courts. Deputies protect the downtown Circuit Court buildings, secure and transport prisoners between jail and court, and serve crucial legal paperwork such as eviction notices and orders to appear in court.

The deputies on the new foot patrol will come from the sheriff’s landlord tenant section and the child support enforcement unit, and will be working overtime shifts to complete the assignment.

With 103 deputies, the Baltimore sheriff's office is far smaller than the police department. That number is set by state law. Anderson said that with more money, the sheriff’s office could add even more patrols around the city.

“Until then we will continue to seek creative solutions to do more with what we have,” he said.