All police cars return to streets; detectives following active leads in rape investigation

All Baltimore police cars returned to the streets Friday, less than a week after investigators pulled 115 white police vehicles from duty following allegations that a woman might have been raped in one of them.

Although police acted swiftly to make sure no potential evidence was lost, investigators did not process any of the vehicles for evidence.

“We now do not believe a white car was involved,” he said, but he declined to say whether investigators have ruled out the possibility of a city police officer as a suspect.

The investigation began Sunday after a woman reported to police that she had been raped after being inside a patrol vehicle. She said she met a man named “Rick” who appeared to be a police officer near the Charles Village Pub. She said the man then took her to a residential area near Camden Yards and forced her to have sex, before dropping her back in the Charles Village area, according to an internal memo obtained by The Baltimore Sun.

The description of the vehicle prompted the department to pull 115 white patrol cars from the street until they could be ruled out to be processed for any potential evidence in the case, even though there was no certainty the crime was committed by a city officer.

Jablow would not say Friday whether detectives believe the rape suspect is a Baltimore Police officer or whether investigators are close to an arrest.

“The investigation remains open and detectives are following up active leads,” he said.

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