All but 12 Baltimore Police cars have returned to service amid rape investigation

Baltimore Police said Wednesday all but 12 patrol cars have returned to service amid an investigation into a rape that might involve an officer.

Police began combing through vehicles early in the week, using a description provided by the victim to try and narrow their search. The woman went to a hospital early Sunday morning and told investigators that she had been raped after being inside a patrol vehicle. Initially 115 cars were pulled from street duty but the number has been steadily dwindling since.

Police spokesman Matt Jablow said the investigation is ongoing and declined to provide additional updates Wednesday evening.

According to an internal memo distributed Monday to some Baltimore Police officers and obtained by The Baltimore Sun, a woman reported that she was raped after meeting a man named “Rick” who appeared to be a police officer near the Charles Village Pub. She told police the man then took her to a residential area near Camden Yards and forced her to have sex, before dropping her back in the Charles Village area, the memo said.

Investigators have been working to whittle down the number of patrol cars that matched her description in order to identify a possible suspect. Once the number of cars have been narrowed down, investigators hope to process the remaining vehicles for any evidence.

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