A city jury convicted a 28-year-old man on Monday in the killing of two men after a botched robbery in Mount Vernon in 2012.

Quinton Decarlo Bass faces up to two life sentences plus 140 years for fatally shooting Larry Peterson, 56, and Alex Ulrich, 40.


The verdict comes three years to the day that authorities say Bass tried to rob the men outside of Peterson's bed and breakfast next to the Belvedere Hotel, then opened fire after coming up empty-handed. Ulrich died that day; Peterson succumbed to his injuries nearly two years later.

Though the case took an unusual amount of time to go to trial, jurors took just two hours to convict Bass on all charges, including two counts of murder as well as robbery and handgun counts.

Assistant State's Attorney Tonya LaPolla told jurors that it was a "case of senseless violence on the streets of this city." She praised lead Detective Joshua Ellsworth, who has since left the Baltimore Police Department and returned from out of state to testify.

State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby said in a statement that Ellsworth and Detective Rob Burns "conducted a phenomenal investigation that ultimately enabled us to seal the deal in court."

Jason Curtis, a close friend of Peterson, noted the poignancy of a verdict coming on the anniversary of the shootings. "Justice is sometimes long, but well-served," he said.

Peterson was a champion for the Mount Vernon neighborhood and was regarded as an "unofficial mayor." Ulrich, a native of Western Maryland, had moved to Baltimore to pursue an interest in photography. Hundreds turned out for a vigil after the shootings.

Police flooded the neighborhood with officers after the shooting. On Aug. 31, 2012, two patrol officers approached a group of five people who were drinking alcohol in East Mount Vernon Park. Bass was carrying a handgun and was arrested.

One of the men who was with him told police that the gun Bass was carrying was a replacement for the 9 mm he ditched after shooting Peterson and Ulrich. The witness testified that Bass told him he shot the men because one of them had made a wisecrack after he robbed them but came away with no money.

Bass left the scene after the robbery attempt but came back and fired seven shots. One of the survivors of the attack picked Bass out of a photo lineup.

Bass, whose address is listed in North Carolina, came to Baltimore in 2012 and was staying in homeless shelters and vacant dwellings, police said at the time of his arrest.